Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Concept in The Film Industry:
Experience a movie and interact with the cast and crew
before its release!

On December 1st 2012, internationally known as World AIDS Day, the Mascara and Popcorn Festival®, in conjunction with Flirt Films, Forge Films and Onvii Studio Loft, will hold a fundraising event for Ceramic Tango, a short movie currently in its post-production phase, written by Charles Hall and directed by award-winning filmmaker Patricia Chica (

Ceramic Tango is a 10-minute modern-day cautionary tale that incites viewers to pause and think about the fragility of life. This short is intended to be an artful, gripping piece that doesn’t pull any punches.!Patricia Chica, alongside her team of collaborators, was poised to create a film that has a strong message and artistic vision; a movie that plays with cinematic and narrative language, and brings high production value within a lowbudget film project.

New Concept in the Film Industry:
Being a non-conventional filmmaker, Patricia Chica wanted to try a new strategy: invite the general public to the film's wrap up party. Therefore, the audience will have the rare opportunity to interact with the cast and experience the film before it comes out early 2013. Along with exclusive behind-the-scenes videos of Ceramic Tango including never before seen clips with the creators and the actors, the evening will be hosted by local performer THE Richard who also has a lead role in the film, and feature shows by Holy Scar, Vanessa Doyle, Pyrometheus, just to name a few of the live acts from the world of burlesque, theatre, art, music and cinema.

The event takes place this Saturday, December 1st at 9pm. Our fundraising campaign will contribute to finishing the film. Any media coverage, credits or mention in your next report (blog, article, radio chronicle or TV segment) will be greatly appreciated.

Sponsored by Mascara & Popcorn
DECEMBER 1st 2012 @ 9pm
ONVII Studio-Loft
1410, Wolfe Street, Suite 300
(c. Sainte-Catherine Street East / Metro Beaudry)
Montreal QC H2L 3J4
(514) 554-9040

About Mascara & Popcorn:
Filmmakers, artists, entrepreneurs, promoters, cultural organizations and likeminded individuals, all converge under the breadth of Mascara & Popcorn® to support homegrown talent such as Patricia Chica, THE Richard, Holy Scar, Vanessa Doyle, Mary Martinelli, businesses like Polymorphe Designs, Onvii Studio-Loft, to create opportunities for businesses and artists in a unique visual and atmospheric medley of art, music, theatre and film with a countercultural feel and an open platform for filmmakers and artists to freely express themselves. Donations help support our projects and treat you to finger-food, drinks, fruitful networking, awesome entertainment and a great time so don’t hesitate to contribute to our plethora of worthy causes.


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