Friday, July 27, 2012

PAM: Exploring the Stage

Sabrina Lastman "Un encuentro con el duende"
“Decime qué escuchás” 

Pablo García Gámez

The Baruch Performance Arts Center and IRT Theater will host from July 27 to August 12 the 5th Performing Arts Marathon (PAM), an avant-garde festival where dance and theater explore alternative techniques.

For Winston Estévez, Artistic Director of Teatro IATI, which is producing the marathon, “The festival provides the opportunity for artists who want to do something different.”

The marathon opens with “Un encuentro con el Duende” (“An Encounter with El Duende”), by Sabrina Lastman based on songs and poems by Federico García Lorca.  “The performance includes pre-recorded texts and sounds combined with the playing of instruments, and projections of Lorca’s drawings,” says Lastman.

Opening the same day is “Decime qué escuchás” (“Face the Music”) by Sol Pereyra and directed by Gerardo Gudiño.  Two women meet for music therapy sessions: one is the psychologist while the other is the patient.  During these sessions they hear Mozart, Metallica as well as the Cuarteto Cordobés, an Argentinean variant of the cumbia. 

 “The actors and I have been working not just with the rhythm of the dialogues,” says Gudiño, “but also with the rhythm of the movements.”

“Taal se Tall” (“Math Your Rhythm to Mine”) by The Kathak Ensembre and Friends/Caravan opens on July 28.  The group presents a work where Kathak, a North Indian traditional dance mixes with Western and Bollywood style music. 

That same day, Loren Escandon will interpret a prostitute in “Montera” a fusion of theater and dance written by her.

Cloud of Fools Theater Company will also open on July 28. “The Whistling Mortician,” is set in 1870, one day following the onset of the Prussian War when the main character gets in trouble as he whistles the wrong national anthem.

“Heart of a Dirty Platform” is presented by Janusphere Dance beginning August 2.  An urban relationship on a subway platform is recreated through modern dance and multimedia.

The same day, Caborca Theatre presents “El correo de la noche” (“Night Delivery”).  Directed by Javierantonio González and Eloísa Jaramillo, the play deals with the fear of the unknown utilizing a non-linear narrative, and includes acting, dance, music, and video. 

“The cast plays with the audience,” says González. 

“Reincarnations” opens on August 3.  This aerial and dance work is created by Dzul Dance.  It combines pre-Hispanic mythologies and modern Mexican icons such as Emiliano Zapata, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

On August 10, the group j33tre presents “Nella Foresta” (“In the Forest”), by Gyles Smith. It incorporates life sized puppets; Marc, the main character, realizes that fairy tales reflect his reality.

Void Theater opens that day with “Luz de mañana en un traje marrón” (“Dawn in a Brown Suit”) by Argentinean author Daniel Veronese; in which, a couple’s daily life disintegrates.

“La quinta luna” (“The Fifth Moon”) by Flamenco & Sol opens on August 11. Through modern flamenco, the ensemble represents the womanly forces of the moon.

WHEN: from July 26 to August 12
WHERE: Baruch Performance Arts Center, 55 Lexington Avenue and IRT Theater, 154 Christopher Street.    
INFORMATION: / (212) 505-6757.

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