Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NY: Actors with Accents this Thursday 16th 7:30pm at Teatro SOY.

Working in the predominantly English-speaking entertainment industry, actors who have accents must always face the reality that the qualities that make them who they are, that make them unique, may be the very same qualities that make them, sometimes, “not quite right for the part.”  Hence, the idea for Actors with Accents was born:  a variety show that brings together all sorts of artists with all sorts of accents.  When we say “accents,” we mean anything that makes you unique, not just the way you talk.

The show on May 16th will be hosted by Eduardo Leanez, featuring monologues, scenes, songs, and readings by Emily Gleeson, Inma Heredia, Patrick E. Horrigan, Mauricio Pita, Ricardo San Miguel, and Erik Schjerven.  After the show, there will be time for Q&A and for socializing.

We hope this will foster a community of artists where diversity is valued and explored in depth.  In that way our “accents,” rather than stereotyping and disconnecting us, will bring us together.

Event details:
Date:  Thursday, May 16
Time:  7:30pm
Venue:  Teatro Soy
Address:  4111 Broadway, 2nd floor, between 173rd and 174th Streets, in Manhattan
Admission: $10 donation
Wine reception to follow the performance.
For more information, email us at actorswithaccents@aol.com.
Eduardo Leanez & Patrick E. Horrigan
Organizers of Actors with Accents

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