Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lucia Pulido releases her new album por esos caminos / Journeying

Joe's Pub, Thursday April 19th, 7:30 pm 

"This journey that Lucia Pulido mesmerizes listeners into taking with her on Por Esos Caminos is both an actual as well as a spiritual travelogue." Raul da Gama, The World Music Report.

Lucia Pulido, a Colombian singer with one of the richest voices on the international Latin American musical scene today, will release her 8th album Por esos caminos / Journeying at Joe's Pub (425 Lafayette St., NYC) on April 19th, 7:30pm. 

The intimacy of her performances and subtle shading of her interpretations make listeners feel close to her from the instant she starts singing. This is what her fans will hear in her new album Por esos caminos / Journeying Reinterpretation of traditional songs such as Por qué me Pegas?, Soledad, El Manduco, Señor Pascual and Flor de Mayo will offer a musicality and emotional depth that is uncommon these days. Her unique style marked by a distinct vocal sophistication, is what makes her a unique voice these days. 

The New York-based artist has performed professionally since her teen years in her native Colombia. Her versatile singing style incorporates the strengths and subtleties of traditional Colombian genres as well as the precision and experimental flexibility of a highly cultivated vocal style. It is also characterized by meticulous attention to the arrangements and compositions she performs. 

Pulido is backed seamlessly by a skilled New York based cast: guitarist and composer Sebastian Cruz, bassist Stomu Takeishi, drummer Ted Poor, and clarinetist Adam Kolker.

WHERE: Joe's Pub (425 Lafayette Street, NYC). Tel: 212 539 - 8777 

WHEN: Thursday, April 19th, 7:30 p.m. 


MORE INFO: http://www.luciapulido.com 

PRESS COMMENTS. "Acompañada de un puñado de músicos residentes en Nueva York (familiarizados todos ellos con la escena de vanguardia de la ciudad) y bajo la dirección musical del guitarrista colombiano Sebastián Cruz, Lucía presenta un disco al que no le sobra una sola nota. Desde la apertura con el bullerengue "A pilar arroz" de la cantadora Estefanía Caicedo hasta la desgarrada versión de "Malagueña," Por esos caminos es uno de esos discos que pueden repetirse una y otra vez sin que el oído se canse." Luis Daniel Vega, Revista Arcadia. 

"Just when it could have been posited that she could not raise the bar on the immense beauty and brilliance of an album after her album, Luna Menguante, she returns with another album, Por esos caminos/Journeying, which is more than its equal in repertoire, delivery and therefore memorability. How she does this should no longer be a mystery, for Pulido immerses herself into narrative and lyrics like no other musician recording and performing today." Raul da Gama, The World Music Report. 

"Ms. Pulido sang new and old Colombian songs with a band that mixed the rustic clattering rhythms played with sticks on the sides of drums with complex touches of jazz harmony and odd meters. Often they used both at once in smart proportions. But her voice stayed raw and tearful, true to the sentiments of love songs announcing a wounded heart." Jon Pareles,

New York Times 

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