Monday, March 26, 2012

NY: Spring Theater Festival at Roy Arias Studios from April 2nd to April 15th

From April 2nd-15th, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters will be hosting the Spring Theatre Festival. We dedicate this festival to introduce new work to the New York audience.

We grant theatre companies the opportunity to display productions in a variety of genres in one of the venues of the Roy Arias Studios and Theaters located in the heart of Times Square in New York City, a hotbed of theatrical talent.

This year we will have a variety of shows including musicals, one-person shows and short plays.

Central Park

Monday, April 2nd @8pm, Monday, April 9th @ 8pm Sunday, April 15th @9pm

Writer: Robert Kiernan

Director: Robert Kiernan

Choreographer: Michelle Luneau

Synopsis: The hundred and sixty year history of Central Park comes alive in the new singing and dancing extravaganza musical "Central Park". The entertaining and informative narrative is intertwined with the parks visitors and their stories, some of love, some of love lost and some stories that just defies any category. This family show tries to capture all the allure and magic of the park.

Running Time: 1 hr, 45 min

Genre: Musical

Venue: Theater 500, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters8pm Sunday, April 15th @9pm

Do You Still Dream

Thursday, April 5th @ 6pm, Saturday, April 7th @7pm, Sunday, April 15th @ 2:30pm

Bishop's Kid Productions

Writer: Kenneth G. Craddox

Director: Kenneth G Craddox

Synopsis: " Do You Still Dream" tells a story of a young Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We take an intimate look into the home of the greatest Civil Rights leader. As a child we see how his parents guided a young mind into the man he became. Our journey then takes you into the life we know he lived but we look at inside the home of the Kong family. Before he was great he was a young man with a dream.

Running Time: 1 hr, 20 min

Genre: Theater and Gospel


Venue: Little Times Square Theater, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters

Emancipation of a Sassy Jewish Woman

Saturday, April 14 @ 10:30pm, Sunday, April 15 @8:30pm


Writer: Sivan Hadari

Director: Charlotte Cohn

Synopsis: The performance is based on Hadari's experiences as a modern day gypsy, traveling through America, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, India, China and Thailand in search of a home. The audience is taken on a journey back to the time when Hadari's family were Jewish immigrants fleeing Tunisia, to a little girl praying at a Yeshiva in Brooklyn, to a caravan in a settlement over-looking Jericho, to a nude beach at the Dead Sea to jewel encrusted elephant rides in India, all in the name of liberation.

Running Time: 1hr.

Genre: solo show


Venue: Little Times Square Theatre, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters

13 Fat Girls and a Dead Cat

Friday, April 6th @8pm, Saturday, April 7th @3:15pm, Monday April 9th @6:30pm

Elcee Horroromedies

Writer: Lena Cigleris

Director: Mitchell Raftery

Synopsis: Abigail Ochs is the perfect housewife who spends her life catering to her husband Charles' every whim. Her life is radically altered when a bunch of plus-sized zombies barge into her home, claiming to be not only her husband's murder victims, but the objects of his affection as well. As they mess up her pristine home and make out with Charles, Abigail begins to realize that her life is more than just less-than-perfect; it's a sham. Blending comedy, farce, horror and shock theater all into one, 13 Fat Girls and a Dead Cat is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Running Time: 60 min.

Genre: Comedy

Venue: Little Times Square Theater, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters

One for the Road

Friday, April 6th @6pm, Saturday, April 7th @2:15pm, Sunday, April 8th @2:15pm

Writer: Bill Patton

Director: Bill Patton

Synopsis: In this one man performance of One For The Road writer/actor Bill Patton's character, Billy, is contemplating suicide. His departed spirit(also played by Patton) refuses to through the dark door to the other side until he is convinced that Billy has resolved all of his conflicts. Dealing with life long conflicts between lust and love, faith and doubt, racism and freedom, Patton tries to absolve himself with grace and dignity, and to persuade his departed spirit that he has indeed conquered all the demons.

Running Time: 1h,10 min.

Genre: Solo Performance

Venue: Payan Theatre

Five by Five

Saturday, April 7th @8pm, Thursday, April 12th @7pm, Sunday, April 15th @3pm

Harlem Playwrights 21

Writer: Tom Mitchelson, William "Bill" Beasley, James Scruggs, Samuel Buckley, Charles White

Director: Fulton C. Hodges, Mark Rayment, Chauncey deLeon Gilbert

Synopsis: An ensemble of monologues and short plays exploring the comedy and tragedy of the human condition.

Running Time: 1hr, 30 min

Genre: Short plays


Venue: Payan Theatre, Roy Arias Studios and Theaters

Mama's Boys

Friday, April 12 @9pm, Saturday, April 14 @5pm, Saturday, April 15 @5pm

Writer: Bill Holland

Director: Laurie Eliscu

Synopsis: It's All in the Italian Family when Mama' s favorite son marries an Irish girl and they want to move out to Levittown. With 7 lively characters and a toe-tapping song!

Running Time: 1 hr, 25 min


Venue: Payan Theatre

Tickets are available on for $18 or at the box office for $20

Roy Arias Studios & Theatres. 300 West 43rd Street. New York, New York

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