Monday, June 2, 2014

Maldita pared: Textos y fotos de Jacqueline Herranz Brooks desde el 6 de junio 2014 en Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning

Jacqueline Herranz-Brooks was born in Cuba and educated in Cuba and the U.S.  She is best known as a published novelist in Spanish and is currently working on her doctorate in Hispanic Literature and Language at the Graduate Center, CUNY.  She is a York College alumni (2005) and has been an adjunct professor in Spanish since 2007.  Herranz-Brooks, a graduate of Escuela Provincial de Fotografía, Havana, has been making photographs for over two decades. Jacqueline is the author of Liquid Days (TribalSong, Argentina, 1997), Escenas para Turistas (Campana, NY, 2003) and Mujeres sin Trama (Campana, NY, 2011).

Alejandro Aragón is a screenwriter and a playwright. His plays have been produced in Venezuela, México and, in the USA, in Miami, Puerto Rico and New York. He has collaborated with several publications in Spain, Cuba, Venezuela, and USA.  He is also a freelance Spanish teacher in New York. He was born in La Habana, Cuba, and lives in Brooklyn, New York.  

Eva Cristina Vásquez is a founding member of Teatro Círculo.  She is also a professor in the Department of Foreign Languages, ESL, and Humanities at York College (CUNY).  Eva has a Ph.D. in Theatre History from The City University of New York Graduate Center and University School.  In New York she has worked with:  Teatro Pregones, The Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre in collaboration with Teatro Círculo, Thalia Theater, LaMicro Theater and IATI.  She is also the author of Amor Perdido (2002) and Lágrimas Negras:  Tribulaciones de Una Negrita Acomplejá’ (2007).  This play is also published in Se Vende, Se Alquila o Se Regala: Antología de Dramaturgia Latina en Nueva York (Editorial Campana, 2008). In 2010 Eva received a Grant for Individual Artists from the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) for the completion of her play Carmen Loisaida, produced by Teatro Círculo in 2011. 

Brian Buchanan (sound installation), Edinburgh, United Kindom. BB aka Leithal Music is an electronic music composer who enjoys collaborating with other artists.

Margaret R. Vendryes (curator): is an Art Historian, Curator and Artists from Jamaica educated in the United States. 

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