Monday, September 9, 2013

NY: I Love Them ALL at Teatro Latea, Sep. 23-29

From the winner of the 2013 
One Festival
A co-production of LATEA Theater & Caicedo Productions 

The Play
Nicholas De La Cruz is a young lawyer that has climbed the ladder of success through his aggressive litigation style and who has become consumed by vices. Fallen into sex addiction, alcoholism, and cocaine addiction he uses all his time for work. Plagued and haunted by nightmares prompts him to seek out therapy. In his sessions he uncovers that there is much more to his problems as he begins to talk, reflect, and reminisce about his childhood.

The Artist
Ariel Rafael (AR) Garcia was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey the son of parents from the Dominican Republic. His parents instilled a love and interest in the arts from an early age. He fell in love with the manifestation of  expressions through art, mainly writing and music. At the age of seven he began piano lessons and by the age of thirteen he was writing poetry.

AR's love of poetry evolved into story telling.   His fascination with psychology and complex human behavior has been a driving force in his writings.  In "I Love Them All" AR  exposes a complex individual with psychological and emotional issues through a story audiences might relate to...encountering  inner demons.  

About LATEA Theater
Established in 1982 Teatro LATEA is an award-winning nonprofit Off-Off Broadway Latino theater. LATEA fosters and promotes the cultural heritage and talents of Latinos, as producers, writers, directors and performing artists while providing access to a diverse group of professional and emerging artists. It is the founder of the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Educational Center, one the City's largest and ethnically diverse arts incubator and where the theater is housed. LATEA is a proud member of The Alliance of Latino Theaters, New York.

"I Loved Them All" marks LATEA's seventh theatrical presentation by a One Festival winner. "With the Latino artistic community increasingly witnessing disparities in its representation, especially as writers, this  presentation has significant importance in the universe of our industry" claimed veteran actor Nelson Landrieu, LATEA's executive director. 

About the One Festival

The One Festival is a creation of Caicedo Productions headed by the talented Veronica Caicedo. The Festival showcases non-published theatrical works by solo artists from  local USA based and international actors for a one person performance where nightly audiences vote for their favorite festival participant. During its run at LATEA  the program brought in new voices of emerging playwrights. Veronica Caicedo, the festival's director and accomplished independent filmmaker and producer, is to be recognized for the program's long run at LATEA.

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