Sunday, September 15, 2013

NY: Hanging with Satan, Teatro Latea, Sept. 21st, 7;30pm

Special Presentation....
September 21st Only!
Pre-Show: 7:30 pm

Hangin with Satan-
What if What Religion Has Taught  Us is Wrong? 
By Reynaldo Rivera

The Play
Jimmy, a wanna be tough kid from alphabet city is in Tompkins Square park waiting for his girlfriend, Jennifer.  But upon meeting her, awkwardly, Jennifer cancels their plans because a friend is in the hospital and needs her urgently. Jennifer then quickly runs off. Overhearing this is a confident looking young man, who tells Jimmy that Jennifer is lying and is actually about to hook up with a co-worker. Confused and angered by what the man has said, Jimmy lunges towards him but quickly finds himself powerless. The stranger turns out to be Satan, who begins an exhibition of his powers and knowledge of mankind to convince Jimmy to accept his true path in life and take over as Satan's successor.

Directed by Johnny Culver, playwright and managing director of Piney Fork Press Theater.

Pre-Show: Marco Matute, tenor, accompanied by Tristan Cano, the piano. Singing a selection of of songs from Spanish classicals to Bizet's "Carmen."
Cast: Erik Ramos (Jimmy), Reynaldo Rivera (Satan), Toni Purichia (Jennifer),  Jacob Berger (Teddy) and Frnak  Sanabria (Biker).

About the Playwright
Born in New York City,Reynaldo Rivera grew up in the Lower East Side. After a long hiatus from acting he has worked on a number of projects, including commercials. Reynaldo started the development of a couple of TV shows, one is being reviewed by large production company. Hangin with Satan is his first play and an installment to a trilogy of plays questioning the human experience in a spiritual universe.  

September 21st
Pre-Show 7:30pm
Show Time: 8pm

From the Pen to the Stage Series
About LATEA Theater

Established in 1982 Teatro LATEA is an award-winning nonprofit Off-Off Broadway Latino theater. LATEA fosters and promotes the cultural heritage and talents of Latinos, as producers, writers, directors and performing artists while providing access to a diverse group of professional and emerging artists. It is the founder of the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center, one the City's largest and ethnically diverse arts incubator and where the theater is housed. LATEA is a proud member of The Alliance of Latino Theaters, New York.

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