Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Bronx: Pregones 37th Birhday, Satuday July 30th 2016

Today we are proud to celebrate 
Pregones' 37th BIRTHDAY!! 
Come celebrate with us on July 30th at our BLOCK PARTY!!

When: Saturday July 30th 1:30-7:30pm
What: Birthday celebration; Announcement of Pregones/PRTT's Next Season; and La Casita/Lincoln Center Out-Doors music, dance and poetry performances.
Where: Pregones Theater - Walton Avenue bet 149th/150th
The Bronx
Price: FREE!! It's a party!!For more information call718-585-1202

join us!

The merger of Pregones Theater and the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater is yielding a formidable first harvest, with many more note-worthy surprises underway. In two short years we have grown the number of visitors to our theaters in The Bronx and Manhattan; raised the number of performances and arts events open to the general public; boosted the foundations of our educational activity; multiplied the kind and frequency of interactions with ensemble, associate, and guest artists of local, regional, national, and international origin; and established the bright new public face of Pregones/PRTT for the 21st Century. Help us continue making more theater, music, dance, multimedia, visual arts, workshops, dialogues, activism, and community!

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