Monday, April 1, 2013

Montreal: Mascara and Popcorn Film Festival, August, 2013

Exciting news for Mascara and Popcorn this year, as the indie film festival raises the bar and goes international, with Patricia Chica as spokesperson and an outstanding
Competition panel that includes George Mihalka (My Bloody Valentine, Omerta, Da Vinci’s Inquest) as jury president and Rodrigo Gudiño (Rue Morgue), Susan Curran (Anchor Bay Entertainement Canada) as guests of honour.

The 4th edition of Mascara and Popcorn will take place in August 2013, launching an International Short Film Competition for short film projects and award-winning shorts from the horror, experimental, film noir, horror comedy, dark comedy, dark fantasy, dark animation and science fiction genres.  The three-day competition and closing awards show will be held from August 16th to the 18th in Montreal and categories will vary from Best Cinematography to Best Makeup and Special FX, Best Animation and inhouse categories like Mascara and Popcorn’s Weird and Wonderful and Extreme, Experimental, Exceptional”. Award prizes will be given, including a $1000.00 Grand Jury prize for Mascara and Popcorn’s Best Short Film for 2013.

MASCARA AND POPCORN is proud to reveal the jurors’ names for its prestigious 2013 panel. World-renowned Director George Mihalka will be President of the Jury for the competition. His features include the cult-horror classic My Bloody Valentine. He has also worked on a variety of productions, as well as TV episodes and many award-winning series (Omerta, Da Vinci’s Inquest). George Mihalka’s work has been honoured with over 50 nominations and awards in Canada, the US and internationally (

Our Guests of Honour include Rodrigo Gudiño and Susan Curran. Rodrigo Gudiño is President of the Rue Morgue horror-themed entertainment empire and Publisher of Rue Morgue Magazine, the world's most influential horror publication. He is also Senior Coordinator of the Festival of Fear. Having also written and directed a few highly-acclaimed short films, Mascara and Popcorn will screen a retrospective of Rodrigo’s works and host a Q&A session and exclusive event in his honour (

Susan Curran is the Director of Marketing and Acquisitions for Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada. Anchor Bay markets and sells feature films, series and television specials to consumers worldwide and is a beloved label to all genre fans. Susan is a seasoned film industry player and a prominent voice in the independent film community. A supporter of genre movies, she is known for bringing films to the attention of Anchor Bay Entertainment’s Sales and Acquisitions team (

Mascara and Popcorn is equally proud to present the following members to our panel:
Cassandra Sechler, Filmmaker, Dreams For Dead Cats Productions (
Éric Falardeau, Award-winning Filmmaker, Thanatofilms (
Nadine L'ésperance, Filmmaker, Blue Girl Productions (
Rémi Fréchette, Filmmaker, Neon Popcorn Cinema (
Kamal John Iskander, Award-winning Filmmaker (
Damien Lagouardette, Founder, Critique ton film (
Steve Villeneuve, Director, Under the Scares (

Internationally acclaimed, 30-time award-winning Director Patricia Chica (Day Before Yesterday, La Promesse) is Mascara and Popcorn’s Spokesperson for 2013. She specializes in psychological dramas, thrillers and edgy documentaries. Patricia Chica’s lean, visceral study of human behavior is part of an impressive career path and compelling body of work, perfectly aligned with our mission, values and artistic direction (

Our brand new campaign trailer is brought to you in three parts (view the trailer here: Three “tv channels”, displaying various artistic efforts from the Mascara and Popcorn collective: a medley of film, art, music and live shows with a counterculture feel. Channel “1” is a montage of films by our jury members, amongst others, as part of our Off-Competition Series. Channel 2 highlights a variety of theatrical performances and live shows Mascara and Popcorn has been famous for staging. Our trailer signs off with a sneak peek into our Retro Series, dedicated to Mascara and Popcorn’s vintage-flavored exhibits: a throwback to anything and everything retro including silver screen stylistics, homages to movie icons of the past, rockabilly and pinup fashion, classic horror and sci-fi B movies. Montreal actress Lisa Di Capa portrays the glamourous and decadent Elizabeth Taylor in this last clip, inviting you on a chilling expedition through a spooky winter forest, a wondrous place that holds the key to Mascara and Popcorn’s deepest, darkest secrets (Elizabeth Taylor would have turned 81 years old on March 23rd 2013).

The festival is still open to short film entries. Filmmakers can submit short films to be considered for our 2013 International Short Film Competition at The festival also offers additional promotional opportunities for filmmakers within the global festival market.

MASCARA AND POPCORN® is a film festival that delves into horror, the experimental, the weird and the wonderful. We strive to promote all types of thought-provoking dark art and human passions to the extreme: film noir, horror comedy, dark comedy, dark fiction, dark fantasy, dark animation, dark science fiction and most dramas. MASCARA AND POPCORN also showcases many exciting projects that go beyond film such as theatre, art, music, fundraisers and live shows.


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