Thursday, July 7, 2011

CHELA: Her Third Husband, Her First Orgasm

East Coast Premiere at the New York International Fringe Festival
A domestic violence survivor’s true story

Emerging writer and award-winning performer*, Dulce Maria Solis stars in
the intimate theatrical biography of her mother, CHELA, a domestic violence survivor. Solis
takes a comedic spin on her portrayal of a young CHELA in the midst of a life of chaos.
CHELA (show #11-1274) runs at the New York International Fringe Festival at La Mama (74A
East 4th Street) in August: SAT 8/20 @ 1:45, SUN 8/21 @ 8:00, WED 8/24 @ 2:00, FRI 8/26
@ 6:45, SAT 8/27 @ 7:15.

Orgasming is something CHELA does when she’s bored. At least that’s what she tells the
handy man that just gave her, her first orgasm, which she so innocently mistakes for peeing on
herself. And although asking this man to sleep with her isn’t the most ethical way for this
married woman to sexually heal, it is a major stepping-stone for this domestic violence
survivor. CHELA, based on a true story of love, lunacy, and violence, is an intimate staged
biography written and performed by her daughter, Dulce Maria Solis.

In San Diego, CHELA sold out at the California State University of San Marcos, and won
*Outstanding Female Performance at the Actor’s Alliance Festival at the Lyceum Space. In
Los Angeles, CHELA had runs at the Frida Kahlo Theater, CASA 0101, Santa Monica
Playhouse, and the Complex Theater. In Texas, she performed at the Multicultural Education
and Counseling through the Arts (MECA).

“It’s a harrowing journey, lightened by just enough humor and the kind of ending you’re hoping

Jean Lowerison - Gay and Lesbian News (San Diego).

“Funny and intense…” “Empowering…” “You have forever changed my life.”
--from audience letters to Dulce.

“…noble and compassionate…” Bonnie Priever -- Tolucan Times (Los Angeles)

“…Solis is at the cutting edge of contemporary theatre and a catalyst in reviving the genre to a
whole new set of audiences.” Lorenzo Cano --La Nueva Raza (Houston)

As a writer, Solis has also just finished her second play, “I’m a Feminist ‘til I Fall in Love.” As a
comedienne, Dulce took second place at the Queen Mary’s Comic Contest. She also wrote
and currently stars in her own you tube show, Dr. Puja’s Red Dot, handing out ill-loved advice.
She also starred, co-wrote and produced the short film “So LA! With Sister Galina.” The film
was picked up and toured by the Global Art’s Film Festival.

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