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NYC: Latinas in Film, June 28-30, 2019

The Latino Film Festival is proud to represent our annual film festival June 28-30! This year festival is lucky to be presenting shorts and features from many female directors, including Ani Alva Hefner of ”Solterona”, winning best feature and Alejandra Lopez of “La Capa Azul” best short film. We hope that you can join us as we celebrate our culture and the talent of these women pioneering the way for other filmmakers in a male-dominated industry.

Friday, JUNE 28, 2019
Manhattan Neighborhood Network El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center
Introduction by the Executive Director Zenaida Mendez

Special Music presentation
Celestino Ortiz - Nieves of Fuerza Natura & Renacer
Short Films dedicated to Puerto Rico Part I

THE BLUE CAPE 5:00 min
Directed by: Alejandra López
Ethnicity: Puerto Rico
A young boy faces the challenge of saving his sickly grandfather during the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

FOREIGNER 10:00 min
Directed by: Samari Vega
Ethnicity: Puerto Rico
Years after a tragic event ripped his country apart; a man is allowed to return to his hometown. While in there, he must confront his past and unresolved issues.

Directed by: Laila Petrone Peynado
Ethnicity: Italian/Dominican
Still struggling with loss, a caring father and his daughter are inspired by the Christmas spirit to connect with their Puerto Rican roots by reaching out to victims of the hurricane.  

SLIDES 4:43 min
Directed by: Andres Padilla
A man has an argument with his girlfriend that spurs a journey through his past–with the help of a childhood toy–to fix his present and their future.

PINGÜINO 9:15 min
Directed by: Antonio Darwiche
Ethnicity: Swedish
When his brother falls deathly ill, Luca must decide to donate his kidney or move on with his dream job. 

A GIFT 10:50 min
Directed by: Camila Rodríguez Ortiz
Ethnicity: Puerto Rico
Erick is a millennial aspiring musician who's feeling frustrated with the lack of job opportunities in his reach. Erick es un jóven aspirante a músico quien se encuentra viviendo con su hermano mayor Ron, por el cual necesita un trabajo para así poder contribuirle a los gastos del apartamento de su hermano, pero el proceso de encontrar un trabajo se le ha hecho difícil a Erick por sus propias inseguridades.

Part II
Batch Diverse Stories

Directed by: María Fernanda Fuentes García
Ethnicity: Mexico
A little girl is confronted with the disease and the inevitable death of her grandmother. She, through her teddy bear, relieves significant memories between her and her grandmother until she manages to deal with her fear of death.

Directed by: Dorian Cambi
Ethnicity: Ecuador
Alex has given up on love completely, however, one day his heart calls him using a public phone to convince him otherwise.

Directed by: Emerson Bardales
Ethnicity: Honduras
Introducing Alessa, a girl who fights against the dictatorship of her country, she and her friends will try to deal with the internal conflict of going abroad and fulfilling their dreams. 

Directed by: Juan Carlos Salas
Ethnicity: Mexico
A young student is forced to leave his university hall due to a difficult situation that crosses his family, these circumstances lead him to share a house in an old house of an ancient man.

STUCK 10:13
Directed by: Angelica Rosario
Ethnicity: Dominican-American
Cassandra struggles between finding her way out of a toxic relationship or staying to work it out.

Directed by Kristian Mercado Figueroa
Mariposa is a poetic exploration on single motherhood through the words of contemporary poet Rachel Inez Marshall. The story explores the emotional gaps between generations of Latinx Woman. We see how the day to day lives of mothers and daughters flash between love & loss.

Directed by: Robert Torres & Michael L. Walker
Ethnicity: NuyoricanAfter being away, an alcoholic uncle comes home to family to start over but his family is not happy about it.

Julia de Burgos Center
Saturday, JUNE 29, 2019
Batch: Immigration - Inmigración 2:15 - 2:55 PM 

Directed by: Cynthia Ruiz
Ethnicity: Mexico – USA
Lucy dreams of becoming an author but a knock on the door changes everything.

Directed by: Andres Mercado
Ethnicity: USA - Watsonville, CA
An undocumented waitress becomes obsolete when the government starts providing service androids to replace the immigrant workforce.

Manhattan Neighborhood Network El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center
Batch Love & Family - Amor & Familia PG 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Directed by: Paula Martínez Cirilo
Ethnicity: Puerto Rico
In this vibrant medley of interweaving forms and colors that celebrate Puerto Rican culture, a grey kingbird and a red-tailed hawk battle over the light that sustains the night and the day.

Directed by: Michelle Martinez
Ethnicity: USA
After Lilli gets lost in New York City she cross paths with a doubtful clown, unbeknownst to Lilli she helps the clown find a little bit of confidence.

NC-16 4:47
Directed by: Michael Spound
Ethnicity: USA
Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be a normal high schooler?

Directed by: Marcela Cantú Serrano
Ethnicity: Mexico – USA
A young woman must work up the courage to ask her crush to the Sadie Hawkins dance… and to hold her head up high after he turns her down.

MATEO 6:00
Directed by: Rafael Souza
A young Hispanic teen must confront his family and overcome his own immaturity when his girlfriend tells him she’s pregnant.

Manhattan Neighborhood Network El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center
Crowdfunding to Build Independence
Seed and Spark

Facilitator: Christina Raia 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

Julia de Burgos Center
Virtual Reality FREE From 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Feature Film & short documentary

Directed by: The YIRS
Ethnicity: Honduras In this video you can see different places in which I have recorded showing their different riches and charms, talking a little about the places I visit.

Directed by: Ivan López Barba, Rubén R. Bañuelos
Ethnicity: Mexico

Mexico’s greatest team at the worse moment of its history awakens with the arrival of its new pastor. Against everything, Chivas shows to the world that greatness is not a result, but a journey.

Batch Community - Comunidad  5:20 PM - 6:15 PM

Directed by: Ryan Savini
Ethnicity: USA
When "Paco" goes to the dangerous part of the hood to get his fix, B-swag gives him a lesson in what it takes to satisfy a woman.

TIERRA 14:58
Directed by: Ale Alviar
Ethnicity: Colombia

Eight year old Luisa is forcefully displaced from her rural life accompanied by her mother and older sister. Danger haunts them, altering their efforts to cope with their new life, all in the exuberance and cultural beauty of a tropical city in Colombia where violence feels inevitable.
Directed by: Edgardo Gonzalez
Ethnicity: Cuba
A country man is forced to go into the city in search of what he loves most.

Directed by: Mariana Gomez
Ethnicity: Mexico
It's hard enough to enter the film industry, but it's even harder to enter the film industry as being part of one of the most discriminated minorities in today's American society: Latinos.

Directed by:Taína Asili
Ethnicity: Puerto Rico
Plant the Seed is a music video documentary by Taína Asili about black farmer and educator Leah Penniman and her journey to become the co-founder of Soul Fire Farm, a national leader in the food justice movement. The video is a part of Asili's new music video documentary web series about women and resilience, which she is producing in conjunction with her new album Resiliencia. 

Music & Media Panel 6:20 PM - 7:10 PM

Amanda Montes de Oca is a Senior Music Licensing Executive, with broad knowledge of sample clearances and synchronization licensing. A vital force behind pioneering music licensing firms, she excels in negotiating publishing and master recording rights for iconic music artists and major multi media corporations.
She's worked on a vast number of sample clearance projects for artists such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, Beyonce, J. Cole, Jennifer Lopez, Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Shawn Mendes, The Weeknd, Jessie J, Rapsody, The-Dream, Pusha T, Mac Miller, Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, Jay Rock, YG, Young Jeezy, Swizz Beatz, August Alsina, Fabolous, Big Sean, Good Music, DJ Mustard, Jadakiss, Dave East, Belly and a host of others. She also worked on synchronization licensing for Tidal and for the films “Lemonade” and “Festival Express”. She's worked as a Music Supervisor on the videogame titles “25 to Life” and “Playboy: The Mansion”.
Amanda is founder of Empire Music Licensing a New York City based boutique firm that specializes in negotiating licenses in order for musical artists, streaming services and other media platforms to utilize existing master recordings and musical compositions in new songs and other media. She's passionate about music and all matters related to its licensing rights. She founded Empire Music Licensing as there was a need for women of color to be represented as entrepreneurs in the music licensing industry. After almost two decades in the industry, Amanda has acquired the contacts and experience that is needed to obtain approval for song uses fast and efficiently. She goes far and beyond to satisfy each client's needs.
Latinx Music Videos & Concert 7:15 PM - 9: 30 PM
"No Es Mi Presidente" (Not My Presidente) is a bilingual music video anthem for resistance in the age of Trump. Inspired by Asili's experience performing at The Women's March on Washington, the video celebrates our long history of social change, as well as the diverse people and tactics on the frontlines of our movements for justice.

Artist: Victoria Batista
Directed by: Victoria Batista 8:42
Through the lense of mixed media and original music, Sangre takes a look at the comforts of culture, the expectations of Latinx women in society, and the journey to finally love yourself for who you are.

The Next addition to the Urban Latin Music Movement is a group by the name of Miguell y Jon Q also known as MJQ. The duo, are 1st cousins and their musical background goes all the way back to when they were adolescents. During their childhood, they performed with both their fathers whom had a local group at the time. Both fathers decided to add the two young-ins to attract and make their show a little more interesting. For years it worked out great but as the duo grew older, they believed they had gained enough experience to start their own project.

While in school they experimented by forming a number of groups (Los Juveniles, La Banda Jig-E, and 4JL). They Played at local talent shows, Christmas and summer shows, local stores, restaurants, etc... and in doing so they befriended childhood neighbors Max and Lenny (Aventura Members) whom at the time were also on the same quest but on a different genre of music. Years past and Miguell Y Jon Q recorded over 50 songs in all genres of music, but never released any of it commercially because they never had the opportunity to due it properly. Childhood Friends Max and Lenny hit the big time after all the hard work put into their Project and became World Known Latin Sensation Group, Aventura. Jon Q went off to tour with them As a Percussionist and experiment with his newly found talent, Clothing Design. Miguell's Nephew, Toby, was a background singer of Aventura at the time and suggested it would be a great opportunity For the duo to experiment with other things. Miguell began to produce Music for the duo while the other gained some knowledge of what it was like to be out on the road as an artist and networked. A couple of more years past and finally the Duo (Miguell Y Jon Q) alongside Toby got a big break. A manager becomes interested in Toby working on his own project and Toby brings it upon the duo. They decide to form a 5 man Harmonic Urban Group called Solo 5 and propose a Production Project to any producer who would take the time out to focus on this project. They first approach Max and Lenny about the production of a possible album, but the brothers were working on God's Project at the time and had little time for other projects. The manager approaches Solo 5 about a producer who’s interested in the project.

So it begins, Solo 5 consisted of Miguell, Jon Q, Juanay, Jaschell and Toby Love, begin to write and co-produce an urban Merengue/Bachata Album for Sony/BMG. The group worked hard on the Album day in and day out. Finally the Album was done and presented to Sony/BMG but many issues and indifferences occurred during negotiations that led to disappointing results. The Album was put out under Toby Love but the group remained as work for hire. Miguell Y Jon Q along with the other members, were thrilled for the opportunity and position they were in, but each envisioned the situation differently.   After 5 years of doing Background vocals for Bachata Extraordinaire Toby Love, the duo decided to pursue their goal and put out their own Album.   With times changing and the digital world taking over, Miguell y JonQ believe that the internet has made it easier for upcoming artists to promote and market their music in the industry. Doing Big Venues with Toby Love during these 5 years, held by radio stations like la Mega 97.9, La Kalle 105.9, and TV’s Telemundo, ESL, Sabado Gigante, Mun2, etc., gave them the experience of performing for large crowds and recognition throughout the world. Miguell & Jon Q have been to Honduras, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Columbia, Italy, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and all along the US and now seek to do it all over on their own.

Miguell Y JoN Q have just dropped their debut, Latin Urban Bachata Single titled "Desde Que Te Vi", Prod by Erwin Duran which is now available for purchase or streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Play and all social Media store outlets.  For the Past 1 year the duo have been creating what will be the most versatile album ever created by a Latin artist or group.  They have formed their own Company, Dafamz Music LLC., based out of New York with not 1 but 2 Production/Recording studios. The duo have been recording in Dafamz Studios day in day out and are what is believed to be about 85% done. Collaborating with up and coming Producers E. Duran, Tico Mix of NewYork, Descarga Musical, Pedro Valdez, Urban Producer Jtraxx, Eddiel and Max Agende, this album is sure to have a fusion of all genres of music. They have also dropped some mix tape joints collaborating with their up and coming prodigy EQ, which they have performed in festivals, fundraisers, Clubs, and even Baseball's most famous arena Yankee Stadium.   The duo are now working hand and hand with Eclatnetwork 's Rafael Rodriguez, and 2 other Management companies whom they have joined forces with to create the best strategy to bring you the fans an unforgettable project.  The quest for the completion of the album continues but until than u can download all their Mixtape tracks for free on their Soundcloud Page.  Check Out these projects along with Miguell Y JonQ's long anticipated album set to drop in 2018. 
Julia de Burgos Center
Sunday JUNE 30, 2019
Batch Mezcla de historias dramas, comedias y terror/  
Mix of Stories dramas, comedies and terror 2:15 - 2:55 PM

LIPS 8:59
Directed by: Mo Zapata
Ethnicity: Nuyorican
A young man begins to question his very existence.

Directed by: Alejandro Aguilar
Ethnicity: Colombia
Maria and Magdalena have a secret love affair, but it torments their spirits, they live in fear of being punished by their God and the prejudice society.

Directed by: Jezabel Montero
Ethnicity: Cuba - USA
Two sisters hash out their differences, over their dead father and jailbird mother, in a therapist's office. The only thing is, the malnourished therapist hasn't had a decent meal in over a month. What can go wrong?

Directed by: Becca Beberaggi
Ethnicity: Ecuador - USA
2 ushers embark on an unexpected journey fueled by jealousy, rage and murder on the closing night of a hit off-broadway play.

Directed by:
Ethnicity: India
The story revolves around a man named Vishnu, who recently lost his wife and is now struggling to get out of depression. He fails to connect to his son Sujal and doesn't talk to anyone. The only one he talks to is a Tree.


Maribel (Mari) Padilla
Zulika (Zuly) Gonzalez
El Salon Chronicles Podcast is your local neighborhood hub.
It’s a place where we discuss everything from education, relationships, career, sex, trending topics, culture and everything in between. As avid podcast consumers we found that although there were many rich in content already in existence, non specifically spoke to us. There weren’t any really speaking on our experiences, that sounded like us and that could honestly unpack our baggage. So we created the platform and cast ourselves. We are Liz, Mari, Pomba, Zuly and Jay. Five friends sharing our experiences and opinions with the world. Strong and opinionated Dominican/Latinx ladies trying to kick down barriers with our unapologetic and nonconforming attitudes. We laugh, we cry, we are vulnerable, we are silly and we are real. We share to inspire but our ultimate goal is to empower.
Young Boss Media
"Building a media company on a tight budget"
-Finding resources
-building a team
-finding capital
-stretching your dollar
SOLTERONA 6:15 PM - 8:15 PM
Don't Call Me a Spinster 01:51:34
Directed by: Ani Alva Helfer
Ethnicity: Peru
Patricia believes she's ready to take the next step and marry her boyfriend Alonso. However, he doesn't think the same and to her surprise, he decides to end the relationship. Patty returns to the ranks of single women, trying to rebuild her life.

Closing Ceremony 8:15 PM - 9: 30 PM

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